Are you worried that your videos are not getting enough attention in Youtube? Here are our tips to optimize your videos and get ranked in Youtube.  Getting ranked in top 10 I youtube is just as important as your pages ranking in top 10 in Google results.

1. Video Title

When you optimize your pages for search engines the first place you do your optimization in your page’s title. Similarly,  for your videos, you should enter the right title by including the targeted keyword. A generic title like “Our product video” is not going to get any attention from the users, instead include the keywords in the title. Ex: “Marketing Automation Demo video from XYZ company”

A proper title will also help users to understand what’s in it the video before viewing it.  Don’t spam the title by stuffing the keywords and click bait texts. Make sure that the characters in your title don’t exceed 60 characters.

2. Description

Just I mentioned in the previous tip, consider your YouTube video as another page and optimize both title and description of your videos. Since only the first two lines are visible to the user at the first glance make sure to include the most important information in the first two lines. Provide a link to your website from the description and if you can’t write a custom description for the video you can consider adding the transcription of the video to make it content rich.

3. Optimize video thumbnails

Consider your video thumbnail as a advertisement banner and make visually appealing to improve your click through rates. More views and more rating will better your ranking. How many times you have clicked on a movie trailer video just because it has a sexy image? J

Don’t mislead your audience with a click bait thumbnail. Always include a relevant image.

4. Youtube Call to Action

Include a call to action in your YouTube videos so that you can direct the user to the next step. It could be either a subscription to your youtube channel or other url’s.

Youtube Call To Action