App Store Optimization (ASO) is very important for the success of your app downloads. Very few people are aware that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can also be effective in optimizing mobile app downloads.

It’s a challenge to push your mobile app page to be shown in the search engine results. You could fix this issue by having a microsite or atleast a landing page for your app.

Leveraging the power of the web is absolutely critical for directing traffic to your app. The better the content in your app landing page, the more the traffic. If you have supporting blogs and information nuggets about the product your chances of getting found are way higher than others.

Mobile apps come into the “Popular Apps” category based on the number of downloads and the user ratings. However, one needs to understand that these app profile pages and app “directories” are also webpages.

So, here we present six Mobile App SEO tips to help you optimize your apps for Page 1 Google rankings:

1. Know your Target Audience and define the Keywords

Whom are you catering to? Who would be interested in downloading that particular app? Young or old? Male or female? US or Global? Getting the target segment right is the most crucial step.

Once you know that, you need to know how they search. What words they use exactly? A lot of tools are available to help you define your keywords and even refine them by using specific filters.

2. App name matters

Naming your app properly and giving it a good description matters a lot. If you are dealing with food, the keyword should be in your name (preferably). This makes the task even easier.

When you decide on the app name or the brand name, keep in mind the character guidelines for each app store. These limits might change from one app store to the other. So, try to get a name and description that fits perfectly with your brand image and help your audience to find you easily.

Your app description must be clear and crisp. Users do not scan through it all. So, you need to be very concise. What should you write? Write only about your USP or POD (point of difference). Write about what you do or offer differently? That would catch the user’s interest.

For example, in the Apple app store, a line is restricted to 120 characters and 3 lines above the fold (before clicking “more”), so you have 360 characters to get the attention of the users.

Include user reviews in your app landing page. This encourages download and even takes care of the frequently used keywords or search terms your users might use. It works great for SEO.

3. Power of Social Networks

Almost everybody is on one or more social networks. So, promoting your app on these platforms is crucial. The more presence you have online, the better results you get through SEO. Encourage existing users to share, tweet, recommend the app to their friends and circles or even they could simply +1 it. This helps in promoting your app and directing users to the download page.

4. Provide prominent links to your app page

Link the most important pages of your website with the app download page. These are the pages where the user is most connected and interested. Provide link from your homepage and from footer of all your pages. You could also include a link to the app page from your thank you pages.

5: Include your brand name in the anchor text that leads to app download pages

Use the anchor text wisely. It is wise to include your brand name in the anchor text that leads to the app download page. Do not miss the opportunity to make a mark in the minds of your potential customers with the help of your brand name.

For example, if your brand name is Oracle, then the anchor text should be: “Download Oracle iPhone app”

6: Promote through QR code

Your app should be easily downloadable by desktop users as well. The code should trigger app download on the device after it is scanned. It will help your desktop users to access the download page of your app very quickly. Though it will not help your SEO efforts directly, getting more downloads and reviews will help you to get better position in the search results.

Start experimenting and do feel free to share some other great SEO tips for mobile apps!