7 Digital Marketing Tips That Can Transform Your Local Business

Do you still promote your local business with word of mouth, radio, TV and print ads? – It’s time to switch to easy to use digital marketing strategies, which will make your business to glow and grow. So, what makes a local business to thrive amidst all obstacles? – The answer is new-age digital marketing for local businesses.

Well, if you are a local business owner who wants to expand your business and beat the competition- stick till the end of this article, these tips will help you to grow.

Here are few basic local digital marketing tips that make your business sparkle at your demographic 

1. Setting up a free listing with Google

Do you know that Google is called as the homepage of the local businesses? – Yes, it is! According to marketing experts, 97% of customers will search the internet before trusting a local business, that’s why it is essential to list your local business in Google right before using any other digital marketing strategy. Moreover, setting up your local business page in Google Business is absolutely free of cost. From your business address to contact details, timings, the direction it covers each detail related to your business. You also have the option of adding photos about your business. This will help people to know more about you and pave the way to reach your business. 

2. Verify your information on other listing platforms.

Besides Google listing, there is a number of other business review websites to claim your business names such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Merchant Circle, Foursquare, Urban spoon and many more like this. Your local business should also have accounts in these platforms. Profiles will also be set up automatically by customers’ ratings and reviews in these platforms, but, it is super important to check out whether the information provided about your business in these platforms by your or your customers is correct or not. If the details included such as Address, Phone number, Timings are not accurate, they could mislead customers who try to reach you. So, make sure to keep an eye on your profiles on these platforms regularly.

3. Create a website for your business.  

Website is considered as the crucial factor for any business out there these days. In fact, anyone can build a website within a few minutes with the help of tools available readily on the internet and it won’t cost you too much. Having a business website isn’t only about selling products; it is ultimately all about providing information and act as social proof about your business to the potential customers who search your business name online. Also, it could provide information about your services to website visitors and generate more exposure to your business. Build your business website with a clear and minimal design that is optimal for local searches.

4. Increase your social media presence

Whether it is a small, medium or a large business, social media is a boon to all business owners because all your target customers are online. Having a consistent presence on social media platforms can easily create a strong branding and help you to reach customers effectively. Keeping a clear online presence by posts, offers, sales, etc. on a daily basis on every social platform as much as possible is necessary. Not only on Facebook, keep an eye on new-age platforms including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

5. Optimizing your website for mobile devices

From Big cities to Local places people are glued to their mobiles, whether it is getting a movie ticket or simple internet searches people use mobile phones every single time. This makes it important for any business to optimize their website as friendly as possible to mobile phones users. Moreover, mobile devices are likely used by customers of all ages who want to get connected to things easily and simply. So it’s vital for all businesses to optimize their website for mobile.

6. Try producing fresh blogs on your website.

Blogging is another excellent way of promoting your local business online that will help you tremendously. According to several statistics of blogging, it is clear that it is one of the ideal ways to build your business. Now, you may be wondering what’s all about blogging. Did it actually work for a business like us? Obviously, blogging is not only for gigantic business, but it is also optimal for small and mid-businesses too. You have to write blogs, articles, about your business and publish it on your website. Optimizing your articles with the right SEO keywords might drive targeted traffic to your website, thus increasing the followers and profits in numbers.

7. Add subscribers to your email list

Amidst following the other online strategies, do not underrate the potential of email marketing which can help you to reach the target audience directly. While it may not be considered as the most current marketing trend, but it is one of the best low cost tactic to reach out to the customers effortlessly. As per small business owners, email marketing stimulates the rate of customer acquisition and customer engagement. If you have an adequate amount of subscribers that follow your business through emails then it is worth to spend your time through email marketing which brings value to your business. 

Conclusion: We know as a local business owner it is harder to compete with others by spending too much on marketing. But by following these simple and easy to apply strategies will enhance the exposure of your business to the target local audience.

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