Bangalore, Dec 3, 2014
Demanzo provider of a B2B demand generation (B2B lead generation, awareness campaigns and lead nurturing) services, today announced that Demanzo has launched a new campaign module customized for NRF Big Show 2015 event exhibitors to improve their booth and brand visibility.

Demanzo’s demand generation platform offers its customers an opportunity to leverage its market research and data analytics functionalities to target NRF event attendees. This will help exhibitors start their Pre-Event campaigns and target the precise audience and enhance their brand by delivering more targeted and relevant messaging.
With Demanzo, marketers can efficiently plan and execute their pre-event campaigns and engage event attendees to build the opportunity pipeline.

“Our unique market research and data analytics capabilities offer our customers an effective way to reach out to their target audience and execute their pre-event campaigns more efficiently” said Jude Festus, Managing Director at Demanzo. He added “Engaging the event attendees with pre-event promotions is known to provide better brand recall and improve booth attendance. As there too much noise around the event and tweeting with #NRF15 will not be enough to get the attention of your audience as your attendees has a plethora of activities to get involved”

About NRF Event
Retail’s BIG Show, or the NRF Annual Convention & EXPO, is the flagship industry event of the National Retail Federation (NRF). Retail’s BIG Show is an annual event held over four days in New York City. Retail’s BIG Show has frequently been ranked as one of the Top 200 events in North America, as well as one of the 50 fastest-growing trade events. The next BIG Show will be held from January 11 – 14, 2015.

About Demanzo
Demanzo provides the B2B demand generation platform for marketers from companies of all sizes to generate leads and create awareness for their products. Demanzo’s market research and data analytics capabilities can help marketers to target their audience with ease. With Demanzo’s campaign management module marketers can manage and analyze their campaigns. Demanzo provides free lead nurturing solutions for clients using B2B lead generation services.


NRF Big Show 2015 Event Campaign