Four Major Local SEO Tips for UK Small Business – Tips to Gain More Visibility

Are you a local business owner who strives hard to withstand your local business? 

Is your local business not making the right ROI? 

Do you want to switch to the local online marketing that many other small businesses have gained profits from? 

No matter if you are a gym owner, a restaurant owner or a shop owner you can get all the benefits of local SEO and grow your small business.

This blog has everything you need!

Here are 5 Local Online Marketing Tips to Help You Get Started 

  1. Local Search Optimization

Optimizing your business website for local searches is the first step you have to do in local business online marketing. According to SEJ, nearly 85% of brand engagement is from local listings and local searches. This means, optimizing your business website for local searches not only helps to get connected with the target audience but also increases the chances of business opportunities.

Nowadays people conduct online search before reaching out to any kind of local businesses.

To get accurate search results, they tend to search by using phrases like “Business near me” or by putting places, cities accompanied by the service they wanted to like “coffee shop near Birmingham” etc. 

Other than this you can also optimize your business website by adding the following SEO tactics

  • Schema markup
  • On-page factors 
  • Off-site properties
  • Local citations 
  • Consistent NAP etc.

Without optimizing your site for local searches, you might miss out on the chance of getting discovered by the target audience that hurts your business severely.

2. Google My Business Listings.

If your business focuses on local SEO, then other than optimizing your website for local searches it is also very essential to list your business in Google My Business listings. Setting up a “Google my Business listing” is completely free and simple. Whenever a user carries out a local search, Google My business triggers an information box that matches the searcher’s query at the top right side of the results. 

Setting up a free Google listing provides all the information about your business including your physical address, working hours, contact details, directions, etc. For a better understanding of your business operation, it also has features like adding photos, reviews, and ratings of your business. This feature makes a customer to find and decide, whether your business would be the best fit for them. Therefore, create a Google business listing for your business to increase your Local search visibility.

3. Make a Mobile-optimized website

Today the rise and boom of mobile phones are unbelievably huge. As per a survey by gsma, it is proven that there are nearly 3.5 billion mobile phone internet users around the world, which is more than half of the total population of the world. As a local business that mainly targets local audiences, more than half of your leads and searchers might come through mobile devices. Hence, a mobile-friendly website crucial for you to retain the leads that get engage with your business then your website should be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. 

4. Focus on User Reviews

 When it comes to local business, user reviews are crucial as the feedback from users can help you to gain better visibility. Reviews are not only necessary for online business, but it is also very essential for small and mid-size business as well. Bright local Stats reports that an average of 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year with 33% looking every day and  82% of the consumers read online reviews for local businesses before taking a decision. Reviews not only build brand awareness, but it also builds trust easily on the minds of the customer who’s looking forward to going ahead with your business. 


Local SEO is helpful for any local business to reach their target audience easily. From bringing exposure to turning potential leads to conversion Local SEO plays a huge role. At Demanzo, we have helped many local business owners to grow their business using Local SEO service.

Contact us today for a cost-friendly local SEO package that works best for you!