When it comes to PPC advertising, it can turn out to be a boon or bane according to what you are trying to accomplish with that. Even in case the purpose is right, how you strategize and execute the campaign also plays a major role here.

In this blog post, I will create a case where I am assuming that you already are a Pay-Per-Click user and hence the purpose of the post is to shed some light on how PPC can be beneficial to you as a digital expert or as a business owner.

PPC brings you the power of advertising within your reach.

Unlike other advertising media, PPC helps your business get the exposure within a small budget. Consider the same about using any other new media sources like TV or radio commercials to take your brand to the masses. It is pocket friendly isn’t it?

You reach the right set of people in the shortest time

PPC helps you reach the right set of audience without wasting your time building your presence on sources where only a part of the audience is relevant. This happens with every organic medium like blogs, search engines or even social media. A huge part of your audience there has nothing to do with your business. With advanced targeting options available in Google, Bing and Facebook you will be showcasing your brand to the most relevant set of people in the internet.

You control what you want

Advertisers spend most of their life in dark, clueless about their predictions and beliefs. Trust me, this happens to every advertiser even the ones with great analytical, logical and intuitive powers. But wonder how tensed it will be when you spend your fortune (client’s sometimes) on something that has no predictable outcome. Digital advertisers have a safety net here. Unlike traditional advertising people, digital guys can set their numbers close enough to the targeted estimates. You define your ROI. Decide your outcome, work backwards and estimate your budget. A sure shot way to convince your client about what they get for the money they spend. I can bet on this statement, “No other advertising is so ROI-driven as PPC”

PPC blends well with other digital channels

I have seen this happening almost every time. My organic traffic shoots up whenever I run PPC campaigns. My direct traffic increases 3X and my organic search visits doubles and my existing client has more respect to me. Wow! All because I spend a few pennies in advertising. Good. This sounds unbelievable but try this once to experience the difference.

Not every visitor who has seen your ad is going to click on it immediately. Instead a few will come back organically remembering the ad. That is the reason you see the spike in your organic visits.

Having said all this, I think it is also my responsibility to render a word of caution. PPC ads work great when your business operates within a small and your lead pipeline will always be easy to predict and estimate. But PPC will be expensive if your business needs a bigger reach. Same way, it won’t suits you if your business model demands a lower customer acquisition cost. Play safe and ask for PPC expert consultant opinion if you are confused.