Are you frustrated with your emails bouncing? Is your email marketing campaign failing because of the high bounce rates?

We present to you 3 tips that can reduce the bounce rates of your emails drastically. A high bounce rate affects the deliverability of email marketing campaigns and ultimately affects ROI. You might be missing out on a large chunk of you target segment because of this. A high bounce rate could also put your campaign under threat if your SMTP decided to block your account.

Email Verification

Check your mailing list for incomplete addresses or invalid domains or incorrect formats. These are the top three causes of high bounce rates. Such lists can affect your reputation and your SMTP provider may decide to block your service.

To verify, you can go for a professional email validation service. Once done, you will have valid and deliverable addresses. Having properly formatted mailing lists with valid addresses improves your overall mailing reputation, increases deliverability and makes your email marketing campaign a success.
Email Address confirmation

Whenever you get a subscription request or a signup request or even a registration, it is best to confirm the email address of the user by sending an auto-reply email. Once confirmed, you can rest assured that you have added a good and valid email address to your database. If that message bounces, you could correct it in the first step itself. Another method that works well, is requesting the user to enter the email-id twice in the form to avoid mistakes.

Monitoring Blacklists:

Spam list monitoring sites will help to find out if your domain is added to the spam domains list. Google “monitor spam blacklists” to find the list of spam blacklists monitoring sites. When your domain is blacklisted, you’ll not receive bounce even if the email is not delivered. Send an email to “” find your mail server’s address.