We are 10 member company, as a B2B startup, which should we focus more on SEO or PPC? Our budget for PPC is $500 per month.

You have asked a very important question which is often asked by startups and SMB’s. To get result in SEO will take time but you can get instant result using PPC.  Looking at your list of keywords and with your budget you will be able to attract 50-100 clicks a month. PPC has become very expensive especially for the service/product based companies since the big sharks are willing to spend even $20 per click. I’m not discouraging you to use PPC but you should play carefully and use the right set of keywords to target.  Analyze the keywords driving which are driving traffic in PPC and see the conversions.

Since SEO results take time, you should focus both on PPC and SEO. You should leverage the data you have collected from your PPC campaigns for SEO. Since you’re new, you should focus more on content strategy, you can try strategies which will help SEO as well as generate referral traffic such as guest blogging in a well known blog which is read by your target audience. Keep your blog section alive by posting very informative content regularly.

PPC provides a great advantage over SEO in terms of learning. PPC will help you to understand the user behavior much faster than SEO. Since you’ll attract the right traffic with the right keywords you can analyse and learn what’s working and what’s not very quickly and adapt accordingly. Use your money wisely in PPC and you can leverage the data for SEO as well.