Tips to Create a Killer Animated Explainer Video that drives traffic to your business

Animated Explainer video can explain your business within 60 to 90-seconds. Engaging content and the well-crafted script is the base for creating the best animated explainer video. Without the right script, the purpose of marketing through explainer video can’t be achieved.

Animated explainer videos are not just made with cute characters. Before they even come to life, there is a long process and hard work behind the screen to create compelling explainer videos by professional explainer video production team. Choose the right video creation services to create compelling video for your company/product marketing to save your time and reach your audience much effectively.

Here are some tips you have to keep in mind before creating explainer videos.

The Classic Eye-Catching Script 

 In an animated video script, there are three mainframes to cover within less than a minute. 

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is that a problem?
  • The solution to the problem

 How do you visualize these three things within a 60-90 second video? “Through scripts”-So the content presented within the video should be well-crafted. It should pinpoint the problem statement and should be engaging at the same time. Without an engaging script, you can’t make the users watch the video all the way through.

Find the Right Video Style

The most popular explainer video type used by business is animated explainer video, screencast video, cartoon style video, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics. 

Choose your story and then choose the video style based on your business problem/solution statement and your target audience. Cartoon style videos are used to convey the message in a story-telling way where a cartoon character portrays as a real-life persona and tells the story. This style is perfect for explaining your business in detail without boring your users. You can use it to tell a problem and a solution, talk about case studies, new features in your products etc.  Whiteboard animation is very well suited for B2B companies and motion graphics is well suited for B2C companies to target their user base.

Try to make the videos very short

Nearly 85% of people will watch an entire 30-second video, but only 50% will wait to watch the rest of the video if it’s up to 2 minutes. So the videos should convey your story within 30 seconds. Remember you just have 15 seconds to catch the attention of a user. Try to include 160- 240 words within an animated explainer video. Overloading of words may lead to losing the customer interest.

Keep the video simple

Do not try to explain your company within a single animated explainer video. You can pick one problem and solution statement and then focus on it to convey that message through the video. Keep your video simple and clear-cut as much as possible.

When creating an explainer video for marketing, don’t compromise on the script. Take enough time do it in right way. Ask suggestion from your friends and co-workers to make sure it’s engaging and easy to understand. In case you need any help with video creation you can choose our video creation services to deliver high quality engaging explainer video.