If you’re planning to do SEO for your website, here’s our list of top 4 mistakes done by novice SEO’s :

  1. Make your website and inner pages accessible

The top most mistake in SEO is not making the site easily navigable by your users. If your users find it difficult to find a pages in your website so does Google. Navigate through your website by clicking through all the links and make sure that you’re able to find all your webpages. Make sure all your top pages can be reached from the homepage.

  1. Include the right set of keywords

If you have an audit software, don’t just focus on the keyword “Audit software” alone. Think from an user perspective and list the set of keywords which you think might be used by your users while searching in Google. For example, let’s analyze the keyword “Audit Scorecard”, in this instance, your user might be searching for a feature in your software. So do a proper keyword research and if your sales cycle is too long make sure you have covered all the right set of keywords which will be used in various stages of life cycle.

  1. Title and Description

We know you love your brand but it doesn’t mean that all your pages should have the brand name alone in the title. Though it seems like an easy one, I have seen many websites not focusing on this since the developer who created the website has left the title blank or used the same title across all the pages.

You should make sure that you have the right keyword in the title and description, especially, of your homepage.  While writing your description you should think of it as an ad copy and mix the right keywords in it. Since your objective should not only to rank in Top 10 but also to generate a very good click through rate. You can experiment with the description by slightly changing the copy to see which one is generating good traffic but don’t change it too often.

  1. Don’t follow link building religiously

For SEO, off page optimization plays a huge role and you should focus on that too but don’t go after link building with a certain mind set, thinking, let me submit to 50 directories, 50 social bookmarking and so on. Think more about creating compelling content and how to help your target audience. Focus on talking to reporters, distributing your press releases through high quality channels, participating event and participating in your industry’s niche blogs, forum.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions drop it in the comment section.