Marketing Automation software are mostly used by companies which has a deep pocket for marketing spent. It can be used to automate most of your mundane tasks like email segmentation, drip campaigns, lead nurturing and more.  Here’s our list of top 5 marketing automation software for B2B businesses.


If you’re B2B marketers you might be well aware of Hubspot as they produce some marketing related content. Hubspot is the most preferred marketing automation software by B2B businesses. It has powerful features to manage your social media, email marketing and analytics.

Hubspot has some excellent articles on inbound marketing and you can even get a certification on inbound marketing from Hubspot. Once you understand the what you want, go for a free trial.


Since Pardot seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Pardot is preferred by most of the Salesforce users who look for a marketing automation solution. Hubspot wins hands down when you compare Pardot’s UI with Hubspots. Also, social media management is also an area where Pardot can focus more on improve the user experience. Pardot wonderfully integrate mailings, LP’s and data from Salesforce and provides an excellent view of the lead life cycle and analyze the marketing ROI.


Marketo has excellent reporting capabilities and can be integrated to your CRM. You need a dedicated developer who has a great understanding of the platform. Marketo has a great lead scoring functionally. The key highlight of Marketo is that it has a number of integration partners. Marketo has the ability to serve dynamic content based on the visitors history.

Oracle Eloqua

The highlight of Eloqua is its ability to segment the contacts and send the right emails to the right person. The email marketing interface is easy to use and with tons of marketing resources in Eloqua university you will have access to great resources. Eloqua’s reporting features can be overwhelming for new users.


Act-on does all the functions marketing automation software is supposed to do. Ex: Lead scoring, email marketing, drip campaigns, CRM integration etc. Act-On’s reporting functionality is great and it can perform reverse-ip lookup to identify the prospects visiting your website. The pre-built email marketing templates are not too trendy.