It’s huge headache to include multiple tags such as Google Analytics, Conversion code, Remarketing code in your website and manage. Google tag manager helps you to address this issue by managing all these codes in one place.  The tool is free to use and no more waiting for your web team to update the script.

Here’s our tutorial to help you to setup your Google tag manager account:

  1. Go to google.com/tagmanager and create an account for your company and sign in your existing Google account
  2. After creating the account name, create container which will hold all the tags in your website. Once you have created your container you’ll get a code which should be included just below the opening body tag in all the pages
    Google Tag Manager Tutorial
    Google Tag Manager Tutorial
  3. The next step is to add tags such as Google analytics, adwords remarketing etc to your container. You can add any script here. You can add Google or Non-Google code.
    Google Tag Manager Tutorial
  4. You can also set rule for each script mentioning the pages it should be either excluded or included.
  5. Add as many containers in your account based on your requirement

Google tag manager is very easy to use and very useful to manage your script.