Why an Explainer Video is Vital For Your Business?

Explainer videos are powerful videos that explain your business, product, services in an easily understandable way to the target audience. It is an excellent marketing tool for businesses to create brand visibility in a short period.

If you not yet used explainer videos for your business marketing; then probably you’re missing out on a smart business marketing tactic.

Four Reason To Create Explainer Videos For Your Business                 

  • Explainer videos effectively convey your business.

Explainer videos provide wide exposure and excellent reach of your brand name to the target audience. Along with other methods of marketing having an explainer video for your business makes it more reliable and imparts your business name effortlessly.

  • It is budget-friendly

Explainer videos can be crafted in a very small budget. For example, Demanzo provides explainer video creation services starting from as low as $40. It can be created using any of the toolkits available online to create on your own. If you want it to be professional then you can request any video producing company (such as Demanzo) and they will craft a video as per your request within your budget.

  • It reinforces the reliability of your business brand.

Advertising and marketing through easily understandable explainer videos will create a strong bond of trust in your business.  Explainer videos work pretty well on improving business visibility.

  • It increases the SEO ranking

Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine next to Google. Promoting your business on social media increases the visibility of your business and a healthy view rate will lead to showing up in web searches thus improving your SEO rankings.


Explainer videos for business can be made in many types depending on the way you want to portray your business. It could be:

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Typography videos
  • Animated videos
  • Character Animation in 2D
    • Graphics Animation in 3D
    • Animation in 5D
  • Live -Action videos
  • Stop Motion

What Is White Board Animation Explainer Videos?      

Whiteboard animation videos are most commonly used as explainer videos for the business. It is just writing down on a whiteboard with a marker pen along with drawings, scripts, statistics and concepts with an author’s narration recorded in stop motion or time-lapsed motion. The author’s narration represents your business in the most fascinating way to attract customers.

While using White board animation videos for business you have to include your business logo, aim, company information and images that represent your company standards. This will increase your company branding and enhances customer trust and client base.

What Is Typography Explainer Videos?

Typography explainer videos are used to explain business using typography letters and words. The appealing words are constructed and written in sequences and shown in video format along with sounds. Many business’s use typography videos as the viewer can read the context and watch it at the same time.

What Is 2D 3D And 5D Animation Explainer Videos?

Animated videos are also used as explainer videos. It could be in 2D, 3D or 5D based on your interests. Built a character and scenes to create a story; enhance it by stating a problem and the solutions by your business. Using this story-telling method, you can easily portray what your business is about and what are your focus and solutions. This enhances the brand’s visibility and exposure and thus an excellent animated explainer video can help your business to grow.

What Is Live- Action Explainer Videos?

Animated characters captivate users but showing real human faces on the videos makes the brand more credible and built a trust amongst the users. Would you believe an animated character instead of a real human face in the first glance?

Live-action videos are a type of explainer videos that use real-life characters and stories instead of a built animation character. This is the best way to create brand value. Creating live-action video requires professional videography and photography skills. It is considered that the best among explainer videos are live-action videos and is most trustable among the business audience.

What Is Stop Motion Videos Videos?

Stop motion videos are the finest way of explainer video. Producing a stop motion video takes huge amount of time compared to other video types because of the technology behind that. Stop motion videos has a number of photographing objects including sequence of pictures making adjustments to their current position each time. These set of pictures are arranged in a sequent to get a perfect stop motion video.

Explainer video is the best way to promote your business through youtube and other video sites. If you are still not convinced you can checkout the article Why Video Storytelling Is the Future of Marketing

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