CRM Data Cleansing

Data quality is the biggest challenge for the CRM users. Executives relies on CRM to provide accurate reports but with the ever increasing contact database and the information in CRM it’s a challenge for the executives to create ROI reports, sales pipeline reports etc. Incomplete data is of no use to the sales team and here is where Demanzo can help you.

We help you to update the contact database with accurate information for the contacts. We help you to remove all the junk data and validate the emails in the CRM systems to make sure the database has only the valid email contacts. Better data yields better results for the marketing team.

When you buy data from different vendors it will be of different format and it’s very important to standardize the data before uploading to CRM. We help you to maintain the uniformity in the data and make sure fields such as revenue, industry, lead source, company size..etc follows the standard set by you.

We help you to:

  • Validate the email contacts
  • De-dupe the data
  • Append the contact information
  • Data standardization

The cleaning process is done by either providing access to us to the system or sending the CRM export data to us in Excel. If the data is from multiple sources we can help you to standardize the data before cleaning it. Clean CRM will help you to save marketing cost and reduce the chance of being black-listed by email servers.

Integrity of your data is very important to us and we take pride in protecting your data with utmost care. Not only contacts but we help you to standardize the company information of your accounts as well. We update information such as SIC code, annual revenue, industry, employee size..etc to help you target the accounts in a better way.

Contact us to save time and money by having a quality data.