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Why Direct Marketing?

Compliment Digital Campaigns With Direct Mail Marketing

What would you prefer “another emailer” in your prospects inbox or the “only direct mail” in the hands of your prospect?

Whether you are running a multi-channel marketing campaign or a account based marketing campaign, direct mail campaign should be a part of it. Companies tend to avoid direct mail marketing considering the budget it requires. The cost per reach is higher for a direct mail campaign compared to a digital campaign but the cost per customer acquisition is much better in direct mail marketing campaigns. An email sent to a CXO, VP, Director may go unnoticed or will not get past the spam traps but a direct mail will always end up in the hands of your targeted audience irrespective of their seniority. Users consider direct mail much more credible compared to an email. A well thought out series of personalized direct mailer will be a game changer for your business. Calculate the ROI from a direct mail campaign and you’ll know why companies are starting to adopt direct mail marketing as a part of their marketing mix campaign.

Why Us?

Personalized Emailer With Unique Url Tracking

We are not a regular print and send kinda direct mail marketing services provider. With our expertise in multi-channel marketing, we can help you to execute the direct mail marketing campaigns effectively. We track delivery of your emails and track and identify the individual visits from your direct mail marketing campaign. Our unique tracking system helps you to attribute the visits to the right channel. Each mailer can be personalized with the name and url to create a unique 1-1 experience.

Digitally Printed Using VDP Technology
Track Who Visited Your Website
More Than 90% Mail Delivery Rate
Direct Marketing Stats

Direct Mail Marketing: Our Process

We can help you to devise the right strategy for your direct mail campaigns. We can also help you to procure the mailing list or append your existing in-house list with the postal address information.

We help you to design the mailer with our experience in designing postal campaigns, Also, we can also help you with the copywriting.

Our process is hassle free and you can trust our ability to deliver and track the outcomes of the campaign. We use USPS to deliver mailers within United States.

Are You Convinced?

Let’s have a quick chat. We can discuss about your business and the possibilities in which you can improve your leads and traffic. Please fill the form in the right to get started.

You’re in Safe hands. Companies Trust Us

Quote from Gartner

Since everyone is suffering from email overload, it may be a nice change of pace for a piece of direct mail to wind up in the hands of a CEO, rather than another email stuffed in his inbox. It could really make you stand out from the crowd. It also gives you an opportunity to be more personal. Personal sentiment is often lost in the business world, so to receive something well thought-out and original could be refreshing.Todd Berkowitz, Gartner

FAQ on Direct Mail Marketing Service

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on direct mail marketing services. If you have any questions, contact us to discuss in detail.

What are the available postcard sizes?

Our press sheets are 26”x36” so we are actually able to produce a number of custom products. Our core postcard products include: 4.25×6 6×8.5 or 5×7 6×10 or 6×11 Folded or tri-folded variants of the products above.

Which is the most preferred postcards sizes for B2B?

Most business opt for the 6×8.5 or 6×11 as it offers plenty of real estate for vivid imagery and content. Plus, they stand out in the mailbox because of the larger footprint.

How much is the postage cost?

Bulk rate postage is $.275 per mail for standard postage, depending on the product. First class rate is typically $.42 per. First class postage usually takes  4 days to deliver and standard postage takes about 14 Days to deliver.

Can I filter the mailing list by job title, seniority, revenue.. etc?

Absolutely. If you need our help procuring a list, we can get pretty granular and target by title, revenue, business type, etc. If you plan to submit your list, we can help you to append the list with the missing postal address.

What’s your turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time to print and mail is 6 business days upon approval for flat cards, and 7 business days upon approval for folded cards

Can you include an envelope ? Price difference between mailers with envelope vs postcards?

Yes, even with envelopes, the postage rate is typically $.275 for standard postage for bulk rate and $.42 per for first class. Postage depends on size and weight. Also, envelope insertion, we charge $55 per 250 mailer. You can also print a logo in the envelope and it will be charged at $25 – $95 (based on the logo) for 250 mailer.

Delivery tracking: Is it updated every day? What’s the process?

Tracking is updated daily and is included in mailing services. You can receive a daily update, showing progress of your mailers.