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Our AI Powered Software Can Generate 100's of eCommerce Product Descriptions in Minutes

Whether you’re drop-shipping or an ecommerce retailer, chances of the same product appearing in multiple sites with the same product description VERY HIGH. Well, you like it or not, Google doesn’t love duplicate content.


And, not to mention the pain of working with freelancers for writing 1000’s of product descriptions and the missing deadlines.


At Demanzo, we simplified the ecommerce content creation with the help of our AI powered Ecommerce product description generator.


Who can use this Product?

Ecommerce: Fashion & Apparel
Ecommerce: Furniture Shops
Ecommerce: Sporting Goods
Ecommerce: Gadgets

Do You Want to Enhance Your Product Pages?

Our AI Powered Ecommerce Product Description generator can boost your keyword ranking and traffic growth. Contact us to know more


Reasons Why Ecommerce Companies Love Us

We have successfully completed over 50+ projects and they come back to us whenever they launch a new set of products. The reason is simple, IT WORKS AND IMPROVES OUR CLIENT’S PROFIT MARGIN


Unique Content For Every Client Using Natural Language Processing Technology

We have pioneered the art of eCommerce product description generation using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The product descriptions generated is 100% unique and helps you to attract organic traffic for your eCommerce business.
Create unique content at an affordable cost


Engaging Content Improves User Experience and the Conversion Rates

It’s not a secret that better user experience improves the conversion rate of the eCommerce websites. Our content not only helps you to generate quality Organic traffic through Google but also it helps you to create a engaging experience for your visitors.


One Time Investment on Content Drives Year Long Results

We have kept the pricing affordable so that drop-shipping and ecommerce retailers with already thin margin can  reduce the advertising spent and generate HUGE PROFITS through organic traffic.


Grow Your Ecommerce Business Using Keyword Rich Product Descriptions

Our software not only generates content based on the product metrics but also enhances the content with the targeted keywords. With our experience in eCommerce SEO we built the software with this in mind to power your product listings.


No More Wasting Time With Content Writers

Often, ecommerce companies rely on content writers to write the content for the product descriptions. But, the time consumed to write content is huge and is not very productive. Our content generator can generate 1000’s of unique, high quality content in just couple of days. This helps you to cut the waiting time and launch (Or update) your website quickly

Streamlined Process

Get Started with our easy to start process

Get your eCommerce Product Descriptions in just 4 Steps

Step 1. You download the product catalog and send us
Step 2. Our AI powered software generates product descriptions for the products in the catalog
Step 3. Our senior editors proof read the content
Step 4. We send the completed catalog to you for upload


Incase you need help with uploading and updating the content we can help you on that process as well.


Our Pricing Model

50 to 75 Words Package


Per 100 Products

100 to 125 Words Package


Per 100 Products