eCommerce PPC Services

Importance of eCommerce PPC Campaigns

Demanzo has eCommerce specialists who can manage and optimize your campaigns effectively. Irrespective of your ecommerce platform we have the technical skills to manage your PPC campaigns. We can promote your products through Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

About Google Product Listing Ads Or Google Shopping Ads

Though, we can manage your campaigns in Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram we provide more importance to campaigns driven through Google as Google dominates the online search market and 70% of online shoppers use Google to search and find products. We can help you to optimize your shopping product feeds and submit the product data feed through Google merchant center. Creating an error free data feed is vital for the success for the campaign and with Demanzo’s experience in eCommerce data feed creation we can help you to create an error free, Google optimized feed.

Tasks covered

We can manage campaigns for small ecommerce sites as well as major ecommerce sites. We can help you to:

  1. Setup Google merchant center setup
  2. Optimizing Product Feed based on the target keywords
  3. Managing ads through Google search and Google display network
  4. Scheduling campaigns for remarketing ads
  5. Setting up advanced ecommerce analytics to track and monitor conversion
  6. Optimizing the product landing pages for better conversion

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