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PPC Service Overview

How would you compensate for the lost opportunities in SEO?

First step to success of a PPC campaign is identifying the right target audience and setting the right objective for the campaign.  For B2B, the sales cycle is long and it’s very important to understand the stage of a buyer’s sales cycle. This will help us to use the right set of keywords to target.

While organic ranking takes time it’s highly critical for business to improve their visibility by driving targeted traffic through PPC campaigns. All the keywords which ends with solution / software / services are highly competitive and if you’re in the first page in Google for those keywords you’ve hit a jackpot, if not, it’s better to invest in PPC campaigns since you don’t want to lose users who are searching for the solution. This helps you to drive instant and relevant traffic.

Since the competition for keywords in B2B is very high we need to improve the quality rank of a page to optimize the cost per click pricing. Our understanding of the B2B business and the buying cycle helps us to target the right keywords based on the campaign objective. Keywords for each stage in buying cycle may differ and it’s very important to cover all set of keywords, both long tail and short tail keywords.

Tracking & Analytics
Tracking the conversions from a PPC campaign is highly important to understand the effectiveness of the campaign. Conversion can be defined as the action which you want the user to take upon landing on the page. Though the objectives vary from campaign to campaign, an example is, for an awareness campaign the objective can be set in terms of time spent on the page and for lead generation campaign the success can be measured by the number of leads generated by the campaign.

We need to track not only the initial conversion but track the life-cycle of the lead generated through campaign throughout the sales cycle. This will give an insight on the keywords which drive the right kind of users and we can allocate budget and adjust the bid for the right keywords.


Nurture your leads or web visits with the right message using re-marketing technique. Engage your users with the right messaging throughout their sales cycle. Nurture them using your whitepapers, webinars, case studies and thought leadership articles.

Identifying the right channel for your campaigns

There are plenty of PPC networks out there and it’s important to choose the right mix of channels to drive your campaigns. Few top PPC networks for running B2B campaigns are Linkedin, Facebook, Adwords, Outbrain and Twitter.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Identifying the target persona, keyword selection, content offerings and ad copy is just the beginning of PPC process. The success of the PPC campaign depends on how well you are testing your landing page for conversion. Fine tuning your landing till you reap success is the key process in PPC. Our conversion optimization experts know how to create a sense of urgency, how to talk to the user in their language, how to improve downloads and other key aspects of conversion optimization and can help you to fine tune your landing pages and drive result.

Demanzo has helped many B2B businesses to create awareness and generate leads for their products and services. If you want to initiate PPC campaign or if you already have a non-performing PPC program running, contact us and we can help you super-charge your PPC campaigns.

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