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PPC helps you to target active buyers who look for a solution or product. Your cold calling team can relax and the stop the tedious outbound calls and focus on the follow-up of the inbound leads created through PPC campaigns. For eCommerce, PPC is a must have arsenal in your marketing mix as it helps your ecommerce business to retarget the users based on their user behavior such as cart abandonment and product views.

Fine-tuned PPC Process to Maximize Your ROI

Our PPC methdology:

Digital Consultancy

Keyword research is a vital step in Google ads campaign. We will unearth profitable keywords for your business to target. Keywords can be categorized based on the buyers sales cycle, such as awareness campaign keywords, sales/lead generation keywords. We can identify long tail keywords which has good search volume and low cost per click cost.

Brand Marketing

Your PPC ads can make your campaign hero or zero. We will write the right ad copy which will connect the right target audience with your business. A better CTR of the ad can reduce the money spent and increase the profit margin. We write the adcopy based on the target keywords, buyer persona and the connected landing page.

Performance Monitoring

To have highly converting landing page, you need to have the right heading, benefits of the product/service, trust elements (client logo, review, partners, testimonial..etc), good call to action and a neat lead capture form. We validate each landing page based on a set of parameters to improve the landing page experience and increase the lead/sales conversion.

Traffic Analytic

Data is a key element in a PPC campaign. To track a user from the interaction point to sales/lead conversion tracking is important. With the conversion tracking you can identify which ads, keywords, audience persona are yielding best results and this helps you to make the right campaign optimization decisions. You can also set a dollar value to each conversion and make sure your campaigns are profitable.

Conversion Optimization

To win the PPC battle you need to have the right arsenal in your disposal and also need to have the intelligence about your competitors. We collect intelligence about competitors ad copies, landing page, target keywords and their offer (whitepapers, discount coupons etc) to entice visitors towards conversion. The collected intelligence about your competitor will be used to enhance your campaign and drive a positive result

Social Tracking

Budget management in a critical tactic in PPC campaigns. We will spent your dollars wisely and make sure you are getting the best ROI on your investment. You can’t choose a 'Set it and Fortget it' lazy approach process for bid management. Budget has to be allocated and optimized based on the best performing campaigns, ads, keywords. We monitor the campaigns and the related results closely every day and make sure your best performing campaigns are getting the boost it required and low performing campaigns are optimized properly.

Traffic Analytic

A sign of a good report is to convey the right messaging to the intended the recipients of the reports. We don’t decorate our reports with meaningless data, what we provide is a neat monthly report with the insights based on the data. Our reports present the data in a comprehensive visualized format.

Efficient PPC Campaigns Across Networks

Experience in Multiple PPC Networks

There is more networks to tap other than Google. We suggest the right network for your PPC campaigns based on your target audience and manage the campaigns effectively.


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