Social Media Marketing Services

As a business, you might have your social channels and you might have automated the content feed across all the channels. Now, the question is, is it enough?

Demanzo helps companies to tap the potential of the social media and work towards having a two way communication between you and your prospects.

Big Data for Social Media

There is too much of data in social media and how are you going to spot the right opportunity for you to engage with your audience. Not to mention, you customer’s timeline is already overcrowded and he/she is just a scroll away from loosing you. How are you going to engage them? At Demanzo, we help companies to create engaging social content which will stand out from these zillions of data in their timeline.

Our social media alerts for each of your product area are designed to go crawl through these zillions of data and alert you whenever there is an opportunity to get involved in the communication or to sell.

Social Media Compliance

We make sure that your brand’s message tone across all channels will be compliant with your branding guidelines and we take pride in maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Without a solid social media strategy all the content you have generated will be useless. We promote your content, track results and help you to achieve your business objectives which is set for social media marketing. We help you to convert the conversations in the social media to customers.

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