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Search Engine Optimization helps in maximizing website traffic.
Every digital platform needs to feel their presence around the world. Everybody wants their website to appear on the top of any search engine to get more exposure among the audience.
SEO reseller is an agency that has expertise in SEO and has white labelled its services for other agencies that want to offer SEO under their brand. These agencies are generally design, development, and marketing agencies without an inhouse SEO team.

SEO resellers will have broad relationships with publishers, editors, and writers so that they can get high-quality backlinks. More often, they also have a team of copywriters to help craft content on your behalf.

In short, SEO resellers help you offer SEO services to your clients without you actually hiring any SEO experts.

Demanzo’s White label SEO Services

Our SEO reseller service provide not only backlinks but also a package of SEO related services. You can get benefited from a whole range of SEO services, which includes:


The process includes a quick site analysis and a background check. It’s important to start by auditing the client’s site to check for any possible issues. This includes checking things such as site speed, low-quality backlinks, duplicate content on the site, and over-optimization for a target keyword.

Classified Website Development

One of the best ways to find keywords is to look at for which keywords the website is already ranking for in Google. Pushing these keywords up higher in the search results ideally to the top of page 1 will result in more traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO optimization is the process of optimizing the content of each page on a website to include keywords and relevant content to tell search engines and readers what the page is about. It also includes optimizing URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, H1s, image alt tags, content, and internal links.


Backlinks to a website are one of the powerful Google ranking factors. Adding more quality backlinks help the website gain weightage to rank in the search engines. Gaining a link from a site with a strong domain authority carries more weight than from a weaker one.

Conversion Optimization

If you want your website to appear on the first page for local searches, SEO resellers will help you with that by building citations, and optimizing Google Places pages, etc.


Some companies also have their own content creators and copywriters. They provide high-quality content writing services. This will be an added benefit for you because you don’t have to hire someone to write content for your site.


How to choose the best SEO reseller?

The SEO service requirement for each client varies. Not all SEO professionals are right for every type of clients. So, it is important to sort out the types of clients you have with the types of their requirements.

For example, the needs of a local SEO client are going to be different from that of an eCommerce SEO client or a media or a blog website.

This has to be a two-way street. You want to choose a great white label SEO provider (SEO reseller) as much as they want a great client. So, make sure to connect, and get to know the firm before jumping straight into it.  Check our portfolio and the SEO ranking we achieved for our clients.


The benefits of a SEO reseller

  • Get on-demand services

Hiring a full-time SEO doesn’t make any sense unless you have sufficient clients with a need to optimize their website.

SEO resellers, on the other hand, work on an “on-demand” model. You can request an SEO package or go with what you need specifically.

  • Can work with niche experts

Resellers work with lots of clients, and because of that they will have expertise across various niches. Since they employ a number of experts in all the fields you can get benefited from niche customers as well as local customers.

  • Get scalable results

SEO is highly process-driven. SEO resellers have better-established processes than freelancers to find link building opportunities, creating content and supporting editorial relationships. Because of these processes, they can offer scalable results as you need them.

  • You can focus on your core

If you are a web development company or any other digital related company you should focus on what you are good at. It will be time-consuming for you to research keywords, to optimize your site, and getting quality backlinks. By taking care of all your SEO related work, resellers help you focus on your main projects.









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Our SEO Reseller services guarantee complete privacy and peace of mind for you. Your client details will always be kept private with us. Our team of SEO experts undertakes on-page and off-page optimization processes that will help you receive the best ROI for all your clients.