PPC is not always the right channel to try when you are going for a mass marketing drive. But PPC can be efficient to de-clutter the distractions and noise in your marketing messages when your customers are from different sides of the spectrum. This strategy works like a charm when you are yet to establish your own set of content distribution channels or want to fly higher than the actual reach. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the strategy and tactics behind the idea. The overall strategy for this plan boils down to three simple action points.

  1. Reach out and get your messaging right
  2. Educate, help and convince
  3. Reconnect and persuade

Sounds simple isn’t it? But in reality, it’s not.


Look at every successful brand today, you will see that a brand stands out only when their positioning is clear and when they are appreciated by their customers. If you are a new business you will need to make your marketing message influence the early adopters and thus spread the word at free cost. Even if you are an old boy in the business you will need your new customers convinced about the value your brand is providing them.

The primary strategy is to make sure that you target the right person so that you do not waste your time, money and efforts. In a PPC campaign, messaging is about getting your ad copy right while reach out is about setting your targeting right.

Targeting tactics:

Make sure your target keyword plan includes

  1. A set of keywords identified based on your competitor search terms.
  2. Brand names, misspellings and identical terms that can be confused for your brand
  3. If your primary keyword is too generic and expensive then try the long tails of the same keyword.
  4. Geographical variants of the keywords and location specific expansions.

Messaging tactics:

  1. Craft your ad copy based on the purpose of the ad group and campaign. A lead generation style of ad copy may not go will with the set of keywords that are mainly targeted for educational purposes.
  2. Make complete use of sitelinks and other extensions like click to call etc
  3. Make the messaging consistent across ads and landing pages. Let your visitors see a consistency in the way they are welcomed.

Make sure your keywords are grouped according to the ad copy. Use different landing pages for different ad groups. This helps you not only to get better conversions but also to get good CPC and quality score that will reduce your PPC bid price.


The biggest mistake that most people make while running their PPC campaigns is populating all the sitelinks in their ads with promotional landing pages. Get some place for links to your FAQs, support section or tutorial sections. Plenty of your prospective customers would like to know more about your product before signing up. Give them a chance to do that.

Run specific campaigns targeted towards early stage users. Spend time telling them why they need this product instead of just thrusting your product down their throat as soon as you get them.

Increase the curiosity of your prospective users with options and variations. I have seen this type of successful campaigns for markets with a lot of competition. It is not always about getting your user to sign up for your product it is also about making your user signup after knowing enough about the features of your product. Informed decision makers make good customers. So do you want informed users or whining customers?


How many times have you taken a buying decision in your 2nd or 3rd interaction with a brand? Knowingly or unknowingly a part of your purchase decisions are taken only after your 1st interaction with a brand. This is because you were researching for the product in your first search and were looking out for every option available before you decide a purchase.

What happens when there are plenty of options? You end up being paralyzed by the wide set of options to choose from. Retargeting helps you to get back those dropped out customers and those yet-to-decide prospects in your target list. Retargeting PPC ads play a vital role in retaining and converting drop out, cart abandonments and indecisive prospects into your customers.

Retargeting also ensures that your customer have your brand in their top of their mind when it comes to recalling.

Now it is time to get started with your PPC ads. With the right ammunition you can outperform the giants in your market. It always about the right plan executed at the right time. Contact us to have a free PPC consultation to guide your business towards success.