Google is going to kill its Message extension – Here’s What You Should Do Now.

Google ads Message Extension is no more

Over the past few years, the Google ads extension has been good to millions of ad campaigns and advertisers. But nothing goes a long way and message extensions are no longer excluded from this fact. Precisely after two years since Google took off its review extension, it announced to kill off its message extension from starting January 27, 2020. So, Post Jan 27 message extension will no longer serve anymore and advertisers will not be able to edit or create new message extensions. But still, they are allowed to view the performance chart of existing message extension throughout the year 2020.

The Rise and Fall of Message extension

In 2016, Google presented Message extension to Google Ads, which enable the user to directly click from the search ads in order to leave a text to the user. Just like the Google’s other extension, message extension helped millions of business owners and advertisers to reach the clients directly through a message.

In 2018, Google extended the support for message extensions by enabling track conversions using the forwarding number. Message extensions also help advertisers to boost up the search ad performance and to bring more potential customer. In addition to this, advertisers also noticed that almost 50% of higher mobile CTR is been sourced from message extensions. Hence Message extension has been among the top ad extension so far.

But unfortunately, Google decided to kill off Message extension and advertisers are asked to find a new way, to sum up, this biggest loss. Moreover, Ads account that focus on mobile search will be highly get impacted than the accounts that depends on desktop.

So, if you believe that message extension worked you the best. I’m sorry you have to prepare yourselves for the change.

Here are the ways to Prepare and overcome the Loss of Message extension.

1. Use Google’s new lead form extensions

Google recently issued a new ad extension that enables you to get more than a contact number from the respective ad. The New lead form extension allows the searchers to fill a form that submits their complete details including name, email, number, and Physical location from the Ad. Just like message extensions, lead form extensions do more favor by getting a quick conversion.

2. Switch to call extensions

Call extensions are a standard and perfect extension that works wonder. They allow the Searchers to view your contact number from the search ad and connect a call immediately. Also, they’ll show on any devices, such as desktop, tabs, Mobile phones so you can possibly drive more calls than before.

Conclusion The loss of Message extension will impact accounts that have more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. If you’re getting less mobile conversions once the message extension is phased out, you will have to revise your mobile strategy to get optimal result from the campaigns using the other available extensions.

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