Digital Marketing Trends to Expect In 2021Post Covid

The year 2020 has seen brands and advertisers endure the unusual situations that has been evolving out of nowhere. Advanced digital promotions have benefited organizations to withstand these unpredictable occasions.

The expanding COVID-19 pandemic has overturned how organizations work. More products and services moved online. Client reactions to COVID-19 have given us a few bits of knowledge about the promoting patterns that are working in this new normal and what we can expect in 2021.

Read till the end to get a complete idea about what we can expect in digital marketing in the coming year.

Google Listing & Local SEO

If you own a small business like a mechanic shop, a tailoring unit, a grocery shop, etc., the best way to have an online presence is to get a Google My Business profile.

This is because for B2C businesses that draw clients basically on a local level (think of a saloon), Google My Business posting gives important details about your work hours, services, and location.

Voice Search

With rapidly advanced technologies like Google Home and Alexa disturbing the modern space, they have taken a huge share in  voice search.

The voice search questions should be optimized. In that case, features like natural-sounding language, targeting long-tail keywords, converting queries into phrases, and having a mobile-optimized website can all be used to make voice searches easy.

While picking the content and keywords, make sure to pick the keywords depending on what the clients would ask Google, Alexa, or Siri.

Shoppable Posts

The recent advancement in social media is shoppable posts. It is introduced by Instagram and then followed by YouTube.

These shoppable posts allow the users to add products they see in social media straight to checkout.

Shoppable posts place a greater weight on the visual side of your products but also on who’s promoting them.

A good influencer can sell almost everything, but it doesn’t mean that you should nod to every influencer’s idea.

Featured Snippets & No-Click Searches

For the past years, the only goal of SEO was to rank in the first position in the search results. Now, going into 2021, the goal of SEO is to get a rank on position zero.

This “position zero” refers to Google’s Featured Snippet. This is nothing but a small box you might find at the top of some search result pages.

One important note is that it displays relevant information while answering a search query without even the need for clicking on it and so it is called a no-click search.

The most important part is, featured snippets can be sometimes read with Google voice searches.

To rank your content in the featured snippets, keep these tips in mind

  1. Focus on long-tail keyword phrases like questions
  2. Make sure you answer the user query correctly
  3. Structure your content with a bulleted list or even in a table format.

Interactive Content

Adding interactive content to your social media or website is a fantastic way to engage with your customers.

To make your website rich in content, add interactive elements like quizzes, polls, surveys, giveaways, contests, etc.

Interactive content is an opportunity to increase the time a user engages with your brand.

To Sum Up

In a year loaded up with extraordinary changes, digital marketing has grown to coordinate with the new demands of brands and customers.

We can definitely say that 2021 will be the year of more digital transformation and commitment, where the innovation, marketing strategy, and creativity will distinguish the brands from the crowd. If you haven’t found a partner to help you grow your business, check out what we offer at Demanzo. We are a group of digital marketing experts who are ready to help you reach the top.